Lisa Greene, a voice for the animals
By: JESSICA WELLINGTON, Observer Reporter 12/09/2004

Ever wonder what Fido is thinking? Ever wanted to know why Spot doesn't like his food?
Lisa and her dog King work together in Old Town Spring when she meets with clients at Different Strokes Pet Boutique.
Lisa Greene says she is a human medium (able to communicate with the living and the deceased) turned pet psychic who can communicate with animals to find answers to these and other questions people may have about their pets.

Even as a child, Greene said she has always known she has had psychic abilities. It wasn't until she was an adult, however, that she realized she could use her abilities to start her own business.

For 14 years, Greene has been a psychic/medium for humans. Four years ago, it all changed from people to animals.

According to Greene, one morning she woke up and the clients who called that day wanted to know about their pets. From that day forward, Greene knew she was destined to be a voice for the animals.

Greene and the animals don't communicate with words. They talk to each other on a higher level, through thought patterns.

"I tune into their energy; I'm clairvoyant, I get pictures," she said.

In addition to common household pets, Greene can communicate with any type of animal including llamas, alligators and a wide variety of exotic animals.

"I've always had a psychic connection with animals," Greene said. "There's no animal I can't read for."

Greene mainly conducts her readings by telephone and she has clients all over the world, from as far away as France and Canada.

When a prospective client talks to Greene for the first time, she determines whether she is the right person to do the reading.

"Not everyone who comes to me needs a reading," she said. "I am not supposed to read for everybody."

Greene then sets the appointment time, gets the owner's name, the name and breed of the pet and the topics the owner would like to cover.

"Everyone's comfortable in the phone reading," Greene said.

After the initial discussion, Greene calls the client back at the scheduled time and conducts the reading. The pet does not have to be near the owner at the time of the phone call.

Marcetta Helms, of Spring, met Greene at a dog show and was surprised by what she learned about her dog, Brandy, during her reading.

"I'm a true believer just after the first five minutes," Helms said. "This is her calling in life."

Helms said that Greene only asked for her dog's name and breed. From that information, she was able to tell her things about her dog that Greene couldn't have known including that her dog wears a red collar.

"Everything she brought to the table is what she got from Brandy," Helms said.

Greene covers everything from behavioral issues to eating problems and a wide variety of other topics.

One of the first messages that comes through from an animal is that it doesn't like its name or its food, said Greene.

When Greene deals with behavioral issues of a pet, she gives owners a concrete way to work with problems and in turn helps the animals deal with their fears. By doing this, she mediates compromises between the owner and the pet.

In addition to dealing with living animals, Greene also communicates with deceased animals and animals that are about to die.

"Animals are real understanding about death," she said. "It's about getting some peace, I can't take away the grief."

According to Greene, pets are very complex and each one has its own personality and sense of humor. Like some people, some pets are very reserved while others are gossips.

"I try to find out your pet's perception of whatever you want to know," Greene said.

If an owner calls about a pet experiencing health problems, Greene will conduct medical scans of pets to find health related problems. She said she has the ability to feel a small amount of the pain an animal is feeling. Although she conducts these scans, she does not diagnose, treat, heal or take the place of a veterinarian.

"I do what I love and I love what I do," she said. "If you have the opportunity to find out about your animal then why not."

While there are those who are skeptical about whether Greene can actually communicate with animals, she assures them that she is not out to prove anything. She said she is just trying to make sure pets have the best life possible.

"I read from the animal's perspective," Greene said.

Greene can be reached at 281-497-8073 and her Web site is

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