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Lisa does NOT work with lost, stolen or missing animal cases. For more information,
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Welcome to Pet Perceptions!

Pet Psychic / Animal Communicator Lisa Greene uses her natural psychic abilities, honesty, sense of humor and a down to earth communication style to bring pets and their people closer together all over the world. A gifted psychic, medium and medical intuitive, she communicates telepathically in pictures, thoughts, feelings and words with ALL species of animals, both living and in spirit.

With a life long love and respect for all species of animals, a background in animal behavior and training, her psychic/medium talents, her ability to interpret and relay specific information, as well as an amazing talent for intuitively assessing an animals health, a reading with Lisa can answer most questions or concerns you may have about your pets.
She works with all animals on an intuitive level by tuning into their energy, therefore animals do NOT have to be present for a successful reading.
An experienced Animal Communicator, Lisa works
with you and your animal companions to:

• Better understand and appreciate each other
• Assess health and body issues and pinpoint current and future problems
• Help understand and resolve behavior problems

• Negotiate compromises on problem behaviors and training challenges
• Clear up any misunderstandings and confusion
Ease their transition from this life into spirit and other end of life issues
• Discover their purpose for being in your life now and past lives together
Enhance the performance for working and/or competition animals
• Assist with life and/or household changes and emergency situations
• Unearth details of their life before joining your family
• Facilitate the release of physical and emotional trauma, grief, and fear
• Connect with and communicate with your pets that have died
• Give you a chance to understand your pets perception of their life

*Because of her long time involvement in animal welfare and rescue, 10% of all earnings are donated to the Houston area animal rescue groups and shelters.
Lisa does NOT work with lost, stolen or missing animal cases.
For more information on what to do if your animal is lost,
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