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Telephone Readings

A respected Pet Psychic with clients worldwide, Lisa does the majority of her readings over the phone. Because she does not need anything more than an animal's name and type/breed and age in order to telepathically connect with them, a phone session is ideal for most clients. It allows everyone to be comfortable in their own environment without the stress of traveling or having a stranger come to your house or barn. With everyone comfortable in their surroundings, Lisa feels that both her clients and their pets are more open to the process and the energy flows smoothly and easily for a great reading.

In-Home/Barn Readings

Lisa is available to come to your home or barn for personal readings if you are in the Hill Country of Texas. An in-home/barn reading is best if you have multiple animals and/or you feel a telephone reading is not the right option for your situation. Please contact Lisa to discuss her availability and rates. Lisa resides in Canyon Lake, TX.  Lisa is available to travel. *Please note that rates for in-home/barn consultations are significantly higher than telephone rates.

On Location Readings

Lisa is available for personal readings at a variety of venues in the Canyon Lake, TX and surrounding areas many times a year. She is the Pet Psychic every year at the Reliant Dog show in Houston in July, as well as various horse shows and Animal Rescue events during the year. Please visit the calendar page for upcoming events.

'People' Readings

Lisa's focus in her 'people' readings are in helping people using her various psychic abilities to answer any and all questions that they may have concerning their life. Her consultations are very predictive in nature and can be about any subject. A lifetime student of astrology and other consciousness raising tools, she concentrates on assisting people to find their higher purpose while bettering their day to day life here on earth. Using a combination of her psychic talents, she is dedicated to helping people with her spiritual, practical and predictive insight. *Lisa is particularly skilled in fertility issues.  **While Lisa is a medium, she does not schedule 'medium' readings. However, it is very common for spirit to come through during all her readings.

Emergency Readings

Lisa is available for emergency consultations in certain situations such as end of life/ euthanasia issues and serious health problems for established clients only. If you are in need of specific answers to questions in a short time frame, please text to discuss your particular situation. All efforts will be made to schedule an appointment immediately, dependent upon her availability. If she is not able to help you within the time frame needed or if she feels she is not the best person to help you, she will be happy to refer you to other communicators. Please note that a reading with Lisa is NOT a substitute for qualified veterinary care. If your animal has a medical emergency or needs medical attention immediately, please call your veterinarian or take your animal to an emergency hospital. Lisa is more than happy to work WITH your vet to relay your animals’ feelings, pains and symptoms as they describe them or as she feels and perceives them but it is out of her scope to diagnose illness.

Gift Certificates

A great gift idea for all animal lovers in your life! Personalized gift certificates are always available for your friends and family who would be interested in receiving a pet psychic or people reading with Lisa. Gift certificates are postcard sized to fit into a standard size greeting card and will be emailed to you in .jpg form. Gift Certificates can be purchased for 30 minute and one hour sessions for telephone readings. For in-home/barn readings, only one hour sessions or longer are available and will incur an additional trip charge.  *Recipient can purchase additional time if needed after their session.  **Lisa has Gift Certificate sales throughout the year, so please check the 'Specials' page frequently.

Group Readings

Lisa is available for personal readings at your next group function, event or party. Please call to discuss the details of your event. Lisa is available for national and international travel depending upon your needs.

Missing Animal Readings

Lisa does NOT work with lost/missing/stolen animals. Finding things has never been her strongest skill. For Lisa's tips on what to do if your pet goes missing, please click here.



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