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Year after year at the big Houston dog show, my friend Judy kept telling me to go see Lisa Greene, the Pet Psychic. I always had an excuse. Left my money, running late, forgot,.....I mean, seriously, a pet psychic?!?!


Well, Judy finally made me an appointment to stop my excuses. The skepticism was banished in a matter of minutes. Through Lisa, my critters were able to tell me things I never suspected.


Things I use to do for and with them which had fallen by the wayside of life that they missed. Things I do that confused them. Things not even Judy knew.


There was no one to "feed" Lisa this information. She sincerely was talking to my fur and feather family! My Ruthie no longer fears being sent away (I am a foster mom with a rescue) like all the others.

Little Calico doesn't think she is ugly compared to the Danes anymore. In fact, she likes looking in the mirror A LOT. She now knows she's a cutie patootie! Our old man, Ham (a forever Foster due to his age upon entering rescue) may have since passed but he knew he was loved and wanted up to the end. Her communications has helped our little family so much. Lisa has made a client for life!


Matti Anglin - Texas

Dear Lisa,


Rocky and Simba send their regards and thanks for such a wonderful time! The reading was phenominal and we appreciate all the time you took with us. You couldn’t have been more right on about my guys if you knew them for years! I’ve had other readings in the past, but you are the best!!! I am blown away by how much specific information you got from the boys and also how much their behavior has changed since the reading. They are getting along SO much better and even played with a toy together with no fights. That’s never happened before. Obviously your compromises work!!!!!


Thank you again. I’ll be calling you in the future. I’ll let you know what the vet says about Rocky’s foot.


Shane Bilmont - Ontario, Canada

Hi Lisa,


Thank you for our reading last week. What a hoot! You are good!! I'll admit, I was pretty skeptical about how you could really talk to my animals but I have no doubt that you were talking to them. The things they said and the way they said it was so THEM. Both dogs are also so much calmer now and we haven't had an accident in the house with Kiley since we talked. Now that's a miracle:) I'll keep in touch and I'm sure we'll be talking to you soon. I'll send you some pics as soon as I get them scanned.


Rachel Perrera- Palo Alto, CA

Dear Lisa,


Thanks again for helping with Maya. Her pancreas test were negative. She is having surgery this morning for the bowel obstruction. In your reading of her, you said specifically that there was a problem at the beginning of the small intestine, and at the end of the large intestine. This is where the obstructions are, and they have not changed in a month.


She has been trying to eat more, she even stole some of Diva's kibble yesterday. So I think that the surgery will help her, or at least she won't get better without it. She is down to 50.4 pounds now, she is usually 65, and the new x-rays yesterday showed the bowel is starting to expand. So we have to do the surgery now so it doesn't rupture.













UPDATE: 10/10/04. Thank you again for everything. Maya is "back in black" after her surgery and feeling great. She is goofy and energetic and eating everything in sight. She is even less shy, sometimes approaching women at the dog park. She is more secure with a ball in her mouth, so I make sure I always have one when we are in public. Your insight and help in pinpointing all her health problems her saved her life. We will be forever grateful!

I called Lisa to help me with Chuckles (who prefers to be called Charles!), one of my ferrets, because he was lethargic and my vet found nothing significant from x-rays and blood test. She is extremely pleasant and enjoyable to talk with. I look forward to the day when we can meet in person.








Even though Chuckles wasn’t very talkative when Lisa talked to him, she gave me enough information to change a few things. Lisa said his ear was bothering him and I found out he had ear mites so I have taken care of that. His enzymes were out of whack so I took him off an enzyme supplement. His liver is over worked so I added some Milk Thistle back into his diet. He is lonely but did not like the three ferrets I was trying to integrate him with (called them the 3 bitches!). Since then I have stopped trying and he seems to be happier by himself.


During our reading, many of my other animals, both past and present came through as well. There was so much Lisa said that she could not have known before we talked that I can say she is for real and I highly recommend her. I just wish I had the gift Lisa has to communicate with animals.


UPDATE: I just had a follow up session with Lisa and Chuckles was feeling better and was much more talkative. Chuckles conveyed to Lisa that one of the reasons he didn’t want to be with other ferrets is that all the ferrets he had been with in the past had died and he felt that he was doing something to them to cause that. He had reached the point where he didn’t want to be with any new ferrets because if they were with him, he knew they were sick and he didn’t want any other friends to die. Lisa assured him that he is not the one responsible for their illness nor their deaths and that while all the ferrets that can be placed with him do have the virus, they are the ones that choose when they want to leave their bodies, just like he has that choice. She told him that he has the ability to help them feel better while they’re here and that he doesn’t have to take on their pain. She has predicted that a new ferret is coming into our lives that will be Charle’s new friend and he is looking forward to having someone to play and sleep with him again.


Mary Rogers - Texas

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