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A reading with Lisa Greene is never a substitute for the proper nutrition, exercise, training or medical care for your animal. No express or implied claims are being made to diagnose, treat, heal or cure problems of any nature. While Lisa may provide counseling and advice to resolve behavior issues, misunderstandings and training problems based on many her years as an animal trainer, it is ultimately up to you and your animal to do the work to make the changes necessary to resolve the problem. Lisa does NOT have the ability to change your animals behavior in ANY way. Change can only occur if both parties are invested in making the changes.


If your animal has a medical emergency or needs medical attention, please do NOT call Lisa first. Call your veterinarian and/or take your animal to an emergency hospital. Lisa is more than happy to work WITH you and your vet to relay your animals’ feelings, pains and symptoms as they describe them or as she feels or perceives them, but it is beyond the scope of her abilities to diagnose, treat or heal illness or disease in any way.


**All sales are final and no refunds will be issued for unused gift certificates or completed sessions. No exceptions.



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