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Tell your animal(s) (both living and in spirit) that you have someone that is available to communicate with them at the designated aappointment time and ask them to please come through with clear and specific information during the reading. Please convey that they are free to say WHATEVER is on their mind during the reading. This is their opportunity to tell you whatever they want to tell you. Lisa does not and will not filter the information she gets from your animals. She gives you what she gets, always


Lisa likes to work with specific questions as you get more out of a session when you ask what you want to know. Make a list of questions for each animal. They can be as specific as you like, but please don’t have a specific answer in mind as the answer may not be what you think! Nine times out of ten, your questions will get answered before you ask!


If you have certain issues you want to concentrate on, please mention it during the initial phone call, but understand that Lisa will never start a session with problems. Another point to consider is that Lisa cannot change your animals behavior. If you are having behavior or training problems, then she will help mediate a compromise between you and your animal so that a resolution that can be obtained that is fair to everyone, but it is up to you to implement the changes needed. With her 20+ years of animal training and behavior modification experience, she is able to give you practical ways to modify and influence behavior in a way that is acceptable to everyone.


Please do not give Lisa too much information about your animal. The less information she has, the better your reading will be. It is her job to give YOU information on your animal. If you have health concerns with your pet, please just let her know that you'd like her to scan for problems. Normally if there is a health concern that's really bothering your animal right then, Lisa will pick up on it before she even calls you. She will normally not pick up on health issues or disabilities that your animals are used to. She only picks up on what's bothering them now and what is coming up.


Don’t have any preconceived ideas on what your animal or animals have to say. While you may 'want' to hear certain things from your animals, the focus of the reading is their perception of things and that is normally different than yours. Lisa works from the animals point of view and will relay everything she receives from them, no matter what. Be open to your animals wishes, needs, wants and messages.


Take a few minutes before your reading to relax and center yourself. The more relaxed and comfortable you are, the better your reading will be. Again, your animals do NOT have to be with you in order to have a great reading. Please let them do whatever they they would normally be doing.


You never know who's going to come through in a session with Lisa! It’s quite frequent that an animal or person in spirit comes through to relay messages to you. Know that if they expend the energy to come through, there is a reason for it.






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