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Animals have always come to Lisa when they were in need of something. All her life she has found lost, stray and sick animals, whether wild, exotic or domesticated and brought them home to help them. Some stayed long enough to be healed, some stayed long enough to find their loving forever home and others came to stay forever. For many years, Lisa was a volunteer trainer and foster parent at Citizens for Animal Protection, a local animal shelter in Houston as well as several All Breed Rescues. She is actively involved in animal welfare and rescue and a vocal advocate for the need of more education in the selection, care, training and welfare of all animals, particularly the need for spaying/neutering of pets. Because of her long time involvement in rescue, 10% of all her earnings are donated to the many wonderful organizations that do so much to help the animals.


Lisa has always had a special ability of sensing, seeing and just knowing things about people and animals that she couldn't possibly have known. Even though these psychic abilities came natural to her, it took many years of honing her skills by counseling people as a psychic/medium that her abilities became more evolved. Until twenty three years ago, Lisa focused primarily in helping people with her various psychic abilities. A lifetime student of astrology and other consciousness raising tools, she concentrated on assisting people to find their higher purpose while bettering their day to day life here on earth. Using a combination of her psychic talents, she was dedicated to helping people with her spiritual, practical and predictive insight. During those years, Lisa always communicated with animals, but not in a professional capacity. That changed about 23 years ago. One day the animals let it be known that her higher purpose was to be an interpreter for them and that was that! Since that time, her large international client base has grown strictly from the word of mouth referrals of her very loyal clients who appreciate not only her ability to bring them specific and accurate information from their animals but her compassionate and caring nature as well.


Using not just her psychic, intuitive and empathic abilities but also her counseling, training and behavior modification skills during a reading is what she believes sets her apart from other Animal Communicators. Nicknamed the "Practical Pet Psychic", Lisa feels that there needs to be a practical application of the knowledge gained from a reading with your animals. That application might be as simple as giving your animal more of what they like or as complex as negotiating a compromise between pets and their people and specific training advice on resolving 'problem' behaviors or gaining knowledge about your pet's physical and emotional state in order to help you and your veterinarian keep them healthy and happy.


Lisa's primary psychic ability is Clairvoyance, which means "clear seeing". During a reading, Lisa gets the majority of the messages via pictures and even movies sometimes. Thankfully animals and people, both living and in spirit, show her the messages meant to be relayed in a way that she understands using scenes, situations and knowledge of the animals, the people and the places she knows and even references to TV, movies and songs. Sometimes when they feel she is being particularly dense, they will also spell out and/or yell the messages for her! Lisa is also skilled in Clairaudience (clear hearing) and Clairsentience (clear feeling) as well as other empathic and psychic  abilities. Lisa is a gifted medium, able to communicate with animals and people who have died, as well as a strong physical and emotional empath. Particularly talented in medical intuition, Lisa uses her empathic ability to zero in and relay specific information about your animals' current health and future issues that haven't manifested physically yet. She is also very well known for her fertility readings with both animals and people.  All readings are done using a combination of all her psychic and intuitive skills and every session is unique.




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