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I first met Lisa in the spring of 2005. She was doing readings at our national specialty show. A friend had just had a reading done and it seemed like it might be “fun”. Little did I know how deeply emotional this event was going to be. Little did I know that this first session with Lisa was literally going to change my relationship with my dogs.


Skeptical? So was I


There are many things that Lisa will tell you that you could say to yourself, “well, while that MIGHT be true, how can I know?”

I’ll relate to you the one thing that made me know that she’s the “real deal”. There is nothing subjective about this, it’s simply a fact. During our first session, Lisa asked me if we got “large rosettes” in agility. “We get rosettes, I don’t know that I’d necessarily call them large but that could be subjective. Why?” Well, Justice was telling her that he had won two large white rosettes but that only one of them was displayed and that it was hurting his feelings. That just wasn’t true, I explained to her. He had just won some blue, red and yellow rosettes in agility, but not a single white one. He insisted that was the case and Lisa explained to me that dogs don’t lie about things like that. (sometimes they fib, but they don’t lie).


At the end of the week when our national was over, I drove back home, four hours away. As I walked into the house, there on the mantle were all of my field trial rosettes. It hit me that Justice had won two fourth places in the field at the last field trial weekend we’d attended. Field trial rosettes are LARGE rosettes and fourth place is……white. I saw two white rosettes on the top of the stack of rosettes and turned it over to check the dog’s name which I always write on the back to remind me of who won what. Yup. First white one I turned over said “Justice” on it. Smugly, I turned over the second one. It did NOT have his name on it. I started turning over rosettes, checking names. As I turned them, I started getting a little frantic because I was hearing the TWILIGHT ZONE music in my mind. How could this be? After going through all of the rosettes on the mantle, I realized that there was a stack of stuff on the kitchen table that needed attention. Could it be? Yes, it was. Justice’s second “Large White” rosette that was not displayed but in a stack of stuff on the table. I showed it to him and also that I was putting it with the others on the mantle and then sat down to contemplate just how this could be. My neatly ordered mind of “things that are” had just been blown to bits! There was simply no way that Lisa could have told me this unless she really and truly was talking to the dogs.


Now, I will tell you that she’s not always right….but who among us is 100% all of the time? Sometimes, something she says becomes apparent months later. Some of what she tells you will be apparent right at the start. She may have you in tears, she may have you laughing but she’ll always have you thinking. While she can’t change behavior (they do, after all still have minds of their own!) she can help you to work out an issue. I can honestly say that my relationship with all of my dogs is better for having met Lisa and for having had sessions with her. I never thought of the dogs as “dumb” but I truly had no idea of the complexity and level of their personalities. I think I am a better pet owner and trainer for our work together.


I also admire Lisa for her honesty. Although she makes her living from this work, and could make something up, she won’t do that. If she’s not “on”, she’ll cancel the session and reschedule it. She doesn’t want to waste your time nor your money and wants you to have a good session. Although my first session with Lisa was in person, I almost prefer the phone sessions to the in person sessions. I like having the tape to listen to later. She will tell you so many things that you simply won’t remember them all so having the tape of the session is helpful. So, what started out as a “lark, just for fun” is still fun but also extremely beneficial and has, without exaggeration, changed my life and I believe has also made me a better person!


Wendy Shaffmaster McQuiston - Texas

Texas Von Schaafmeister Longhaired Dachshunds

Hi Lisa,


I wanted to thank you again for the reading we did with you last Friday night. You said Dakota came thru and said that we died his hair blue. During the reading that stumped me. I just wanted to let you know that after talking with my children they informed me that when I was painting our tool shed doors that he got some blue paint on him and my kids said that I made a comment that “now everyone is going to think I died Dakota’s fur blue). Of course I barely remember that.


Thanks so much!


Luann & Skip W. - Indiana


Dear Lisa,


I wanted to thank you for your phenomenal ability in communicating with my horse Mao. You have had remarkable accuracy in forecasting events throughout his lengthy illness over the last year, which greatly assisted in his recovery. You were able to accurately pinpoint medical issues, which aided in helping myself and the various medical professionals assist Mao when there was so little medically known about his illness. Additionally, you gave us remarkable insight into Mao¹s frame of mind, his concerns and lest we not forget his amazing sense of humor during this period of time which allowed us all to keep pushing day after day to help him recover when there was little hope in any recovery at all.

As you know, after his recovery Mao passed away due to colic and further complications from the colic surgery. You were able to contact Mao after he passed away and accurately relay events that had happened after the colic surgery. You did not leave a doubt in my mind that you were in contact with Mao. Thank you for letting me know that he is as vibrant in spirit as he was in life.


You have a rare and remarkable gift. You gave us hope when there was none. You gave Mao a voice, which greatly assisted not only himself but also all of us in helping him through difficult times. I am grateful to you always. You are extraordinary.



Deborah Samuel - Santa Fe, NM


*Note from Lisa: Mao was the most amazing horse I have ever had the pleasure of communicating with. I can truly say that communicating with him and getting to know him has made me a better communicator. I nicknamed him 'Mr. Ed on Speed' during our first session and had to laugh when Deborah sent me this picture. It's exactly as he portrayed himself to me. His intelligence, compassion, sense of humor and of course, his penchant for gossip are just some of the things that make Mao special. I'm grateful that he helped me out on the other side but I'm delighted that he has returned  to his beloved Deborah.

We called Lisa when we lost our beloved Siberian Husky, Rana. Her sudden and mysterious death left us trying to cope with our grief and the feelings of guilt that we could have done something to prevent it. Lisa was able to connect us with Rana and we learned that she had died of an anyurism and she didn't suffer. That was what our vet had thought, but without a necropsy, he couldn't be sure. Lisa also relayed that it was Rana that was on our bed three days after her death. We didn't tell Lisa anything about that experience and there was no way she could have known that either. Our other girl, Sheba, had been moping around after Rana died and we found out that she had been with Rana when she died. She felt responsible since it was so quick and was also missing her 'sister' since Rana had been like a mother to her.


Since the reading, she has been much more like herself and I know the remedy Walnut is helping us all. I cannot say enough good things about Lisa. She is kind and easy to talk to and brought much peace to our family. She gave us so much information from our animals, things she could not have known and the whole experience was wonderful. Even my husband, who only agreed to the reading to plesae me, has referred people to Lisa.


Thank you.

Donna and Lawrence - Edmonton, AB, Canada

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