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To schedule a reading, please call or text 281.796.2330. Text is always the fastest way to reach Lisa. You will ALWAYS get voicemail if you call so that your information is saved, so please clearly leave your name, phone number ), reason for your call and some good times to reach you. Please include your name and reason for contacting if you text.


Depending on her schedule and when you contact her, there are times when Lisa can get back to you quickly and other times it may take up to a week, especially if you want a call back in the evening. If you do not hear back from her after a week, please call back, especially if you called from a cell phone. Many times the call may be fine on your end, but all she hears is static or silence. Please keep in mind that Lisa works most evenings, so if you would like your call returned after 5pm (cst), it may take a few more days for her to call you back. Due to technical difficulties, there can occasionally be lost and/or inaudible calls.


During the initial text/call or email to schedule your appointment, Lisa will ask for all the pertinent information she needs so that when she calls you for your actual reading, it will start immediately. The only information that Lisa needs for the session is your pet(s) name, breed, coloring, age and sex as well as the phone number you'd like her to call for the session and your email address. Lisa never charges until after a session, so you will receive an invoice after the session for the amount due. Invoices are due immediately.


*Please note that Lisa will determine during the initial phone call whether or not she is the best person to help you. If her intuition tells her that she's not, then she will be happy to refer you to a communicator that might be better suited for you. Please do not be offended if she tells you that she will be unable to read for you. She'd rather you have a great session with another communicator than a disappointing one with her and she has to follow what her intuition is telling her. There are also times when she feels you need a veterinarian or trainer more than you need a pet psychic. Additionally, there are times when she either feels or is told by your animals that you just don't need a reading. Many times the animals tell her that they already communicate with you on a regular basis and occasionally, there are animals that Lisa just can't connect with.


If you've scheduled a telephone reading and you're in the US, Lisa WILL CALL YOU at the designated appointment time so you don't have to pay the long distance charges. *Applies to calls within the continental United States only. International clients must call her at 281.796.2330.


You are welcome to have someone with you during the reading, both in person or over the phone, but please limit the number to three people. Lisa is able to connect with your animals through your energy, so if you have many other people with you, it may be their animals that come through and not yours. Also, if you have someone who isn't interested in the reading, totally negative about it or even just having a bad day, their energy will affect your reading.


During the reading, please let your animals be free to do what makes them comfortable. THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEAR YOU OR THE PHONE FOR A GREAT READING!


After your session, Lisa will email you an invoice for your fee. You are ONLY charged for the time actually spent in session. Invoices are due immediately.




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