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Dear Lisa,

WOW! What a cool experience. You are truly amazing and I am thankful for the time with you. Sending you some pictures taken today. We are still laughing about that crazy Oz. You sure nailed all three personalities!


We set an appointment at the vet to look up Ozzy's nose. She is going to do a culture. Will let you know if there is anything inside his nose.

Dearest Lisa,


Thanks so much for all the time you spent with us on Friday. It was very enlightening and sometimes amazing. We are trying very hard to remember to call Fraidy by her chosen name of 'Francois' and using every french word we know to her. Hard to do, but she really likes it. Will let you know if she becomes a little friendlier! (But then again, you know how the french can be!).


We are also trying to make Trixie feel more special and not so much like a middle child. Very definitely giving her more outside time like she requested, but we'll have to draw the line on the bacon thing because weight is an issue with her.


Take care and we look forward to talking again in the future!


Terrie, Dennis and Dana - Houston, Texas

Hi Lisa:


Thank you for the interesting reading today. I really enjoyed it, and it gave me a lot to think about. Wish there was an easy “fix” for Gucci’s biting, but I wasn’t really expecting a miracle...I WAS expecting insight from you, and that I got. Thank you. I’ve had pets all my life and have always had an affinity for animals—ever since I can remember as a very young child. I’ve never been bitten by a dog, nor have I ever been afraid of a dog...until Gooch. The fact that he is MY dog and I’m afraid to touch him is very distressing. My husband and I have started to resign ourselves to the fact that we have “a snappy little dog” and that’s that, but it’s difficult to completely bond with Gucci because of it...and although we love him, it definitely takes some of the joy out of having him in our lives. We’ll keep working at it.


You got it right when you said Koa is low-maintenance. In the face of Gucci’s gazillion issues, poor Koa doesn’t get nearly as much attention...but he seems quite content with that. Sweet boy.


Anyway, I’ve attached our beautiful Gucci’s photo for the EFT. (Recognize the Papillon ears? The rest of him is pure Pom, just as you described him, right down to his blonde pom-pom of a tail.) I’ll email you in a week to let you know if I’ve seen any change in him.


Candy A. - Hawaii

Note from Lisa- When I first connected with Gucci, I asked him what he looked like since all I had been told was that he was a Pomeranian mix. He kept showing me Redd Fox from the TV show, Sanford & Son, with big Papillion ears. It's always amusing to me the way they show me things:)

Update: 5 weeks later


Hi Lisa:

I wanted to give you an update on Gucci—my temperamental little “biter.” Over the past several weeks since our reading, there has been a marked difference in Gucci. He is more relaxed with us and more loving. It took a while for me to notice at first, but there is no question now that he seems much less anxious and more comfortable around us. He initiates affection with me, which he rarely did before. (Since I’m his “handler” and there have been issues with his biting, there has been quite a bit of tension between us before. I was afraid of him and he seemed “tense” around me.) Now, he’ll come up behind me when I’m standing somewhere and give my calf a little lick as if to say “hi.” Or when I’m sitting in the living room, he’ll wander over and rub against my leg for a petting. Never did that before. The change in his attitude has been very noticeable, and I attribute this to your communication with him. But the ultimate compliment to you? A few nights ago, I overheard my husband (who I considered to be somewhat skeptical about the whole “psychic” thing) sitting at the dining room table with his ten poker buddies during their weekly game here at the house (Gucci’s bitten a couple of them in the past, too, so they know his issues). They noticed how friendly Gucci was being, and my husband told them “Yeah, Candy contacted a pet psychic about Gucci, and, ya’s really made a difference!” I could not believe he would share that with his poker buddies! It was the highest possible praise.


So, thank you. We know Gucci still has biting issues and we need to handle him carefully. We also need to create more structure for him. We’re not very good at that. But we have seen a difference in him and it’s wonderful to be more comfortable with our little guy.


Hi from “Gooch”! (picture attached)



I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you so much for our reading at the Houston Reliant dog show. I feel as I am much better connected to Chandler in the agility ring. The next day of competition was spectacular. I gave Chandler lots of room to work and he shined!


Thank you again.

Tori Landis and Chandler, Brooke, Scout, Grant and Ashleigh - Houston, Texas

I've been saying "Hush, Boo, thank you" all day when he barks. I’ll brush him when needed:) So far, so good.


Thanks again - it would be nice to keep in touch. I feel like you're a friend. Enjoy the pics, and thanks again...


Jill - Delaware


Update:  Just got back from the vet. Told him LOOK UP HIS NOSE!!!! He said, "Jill, I don't have to. It's obvious from looking at it that it's creeping into his nostril and affecting the inside." HAHAHAHAHA! It's a staff infection from digging for worms or to China or whatever. He's on antibiotics.

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