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When Lisa calls you or you arrive for your reading, she will immediately start the session. She understands and appreciates that you are busy and there is no reason for you to pay for unnecessary chat. She gets all pertinent information on your animals in the initial phone call or text, so all you need to do is tell her which animal you would like to start with and your reading will begin. Please note: if you have more than one animal, it's usually not the one you want to start with that comes through first!


For all readings, she prefers to start out with specific questions for your animals. Just like people, some animals are very chatty and will start talking immediately while others are a bit more hesitant about the process. For those animals, asking them specific questions eases their minds and allows them to open up more easily. All questions are welcome within limits. Two questions she will not ask directly are: "Are you happy" and "Do you know I love you". The reason is that 'happiness' and 'love' are very subjective things and hard to convey telepathically. You will always get the answers to those questions during your reading, but she will not ask them directly.


Unlike many other animal communicators, Lisa’s readings are very interactive between you and your animals. You are present during the entire session. Your feedback is needed to validate the information being relayed and you may ask additional questions as the reading unfolds or ask for clarification immediately on issues that are unclear. She also relays your messages to your animals during the reading and in many cases mediates compromises on behavior, training and other issues, so your participation is critical. Your reading should be about what YOU want to know about your animals, not the communicator.


After your animal has answered all the questions you have, a body scan will be performed if it is needed and if your animal agrees to it. If you are aware of a current health concern that Lisa has not already pinpointed, please let her know what part of the body it’s affecting so she can delve deeper into that area during the scan, although it is quite normal for Lisa to pick up on the area affected before she even calls you for your session. All information received will be relayed to you during the reading. Animals are sometimes extremely specific about what is wrong with them or what they need to be feel better or be healed. This information should be relayed to your veterinarian in whatever way you feel comfortable so your animal can get quality and specific care regarding that health issue but please understand that Lisa does not diagnose, treat or heal illness/disease in any way. She only relays your animal's pains, feelings, needs and symptoms as they describe them or as she feels or perceives them. A body scan is a tool to help you and your veterinarian understand how and what your animal is feeling at that time and to help pinpoint the process/organ/system that is being affected.


Lisa does ask that you, the client, pay attention to the time spent in session. During her reading, it's very hard for her to concentrate on both your animals and the time, so it's up to you to wind it up in the time you have allotted to spend with your animals. You are always in control of how long a session lasts and you are only charged for the time spent in session. If your session doesn't last as long as the time allotted, that's all you're charged for.


After your session, Lisa will text or email you a link to an invoice for the reading through Payment is due upon receipt.

After your reading, Lisa would love to hear from you and see pictures of your animals. If you would like to add your pet’s picture and comments about your reading to her website, please text or email her.


If Lisa is unable to connect with your animal(s) within 5 minutes with specific information related to your animal, Lisa may choose to reschedule you for another time. There are times when the timing is off for either Lisa or your animals and in order to have a successful session, it's better to do it on another day. Particularly when communicating with spirit, she's learned that it's all about THEIR timing, not ours and they will come through when their messages bring you peace and not pain. Also, please understand that Lisa's communication abilities are dependent upon her physical, emotional and spiritual health, if she is under par in any way, it will affect her ability to communicate with your animals. There may be times when Lisa feels it's best to reschedule your session for a day when she is feeling better in order for you to have a great reading. Please be understanding if this occurs as it's in your best interest. You are never charged unless a clear connection occurs and you have a full reading.


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