Growing up in Houston, Texas, Lisa never dreamed that one day she'd be a pet psychic for a living, but the people who know her best aren't surprised at all! An animal lover from birth, they have always been a huge part of her life and her family. She can't remember a time when she didn't have animal friends and wasn't involved in helping them in some capacity. Being part of an animal loving family, Lisa was lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by many different species of animals every day and she considers them all her friends, her family and her teachers.


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Lisa has been involved with animal rescue since she was in her teens, although she saved many animals before becoming formally involved with a rescue group. Animals have always been drawn to Lisa, no matter where she was or what she was doing. If there was an animal in need, somehow Lisa would find them, much to the dismay of her Mother! She has rescued cats, dogs, gerbils and other rodents, snakes, a goat, lizards, rabbits, horses, raccoons, possums, birds, squirrels, horses, monkeys, etc. Some her parents knew about and many that they didn't!


For the past 41 years, Lisa has been a foster parent for several shelters and rescue groups. Lisa normally fosters the two groups of animals that would normally be euthanized first in a rescue situation. Due to her experience as an animal trainer, she fostered many, many big crazy dogs who needed guidance and training to become amazing dogs. Now she fosters orphan bottle baby kittens and puppies. Since Lisa works at home, she is able to give the orphans the 24 hour care they need to thrive.


All of the animals who became part of her family came from rescue in some way. Some Lisa has found on her own, some were adopted from a shelter and many are foster failures that came in as a foster but were meant to stay.


Lisa shares her life now with Zippy, the Tuxedoe kitty who is the sweet uncle for all the animals and Lisa's heart; Flash, a sweet feral kitty who quietly joined our family; Abby Louise B Wiggles, a rescue pup from the ghetto who is now the Princess she was destined to be; Chunky Monkey, a Border Collie mix who just ain't right but a genius in his own way; Girly Q, a sweet baby girl that believes she is the boss; JuJu Be, a laid back foster baby that came to show Grandma Bootsie how to love; Biddles aka Cha Cha, Andy's big kitty with resting bitch face, that loves to cause trouble; and last but not least is Mr Big, a fabulous blue kitten, thrown to Lisa by Mama Possum, who grew up to be the leader of the pack!

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