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An experienced Pet Psychic, Lisa works with you and your animal companions to:







  • Better understand and appreciate each other

  • Discover their dislikes, fears, phobias and find ways to mitigate them

  • Find out their dynamics with other animals and people in the household

  • Help understand and resolve behavior problems

  • Negotiate compromises on problem behaviors and training challenges

  • Clear up any misunderstandings and confusion

  • Unearth details of their life before joining your family

  • Assist with life and/or household changes and emergency situations

  • Find out what they want and need in order to live the best life possible

  • Discover their purpose for being in your life now and past lives together

  • Enhance the performance for working and/or competition animals

  • Assess health and body issues and pinpoint current and future problems

  • Facilitate the release of physical and emotional trauma, grief, and fear

  • Ease their transition from this life into spirit and other end of life issues

  • Connect with and communicate with your pets that have died

  • Give you a chance to understand your pets perception of their life

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